love playing in the mud

love playing in the mud

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Hoorah for all the women who aren’t terrified to say the word pee pee without being laughed at. I say “potty” “Peepee” “kitty cat” when referring to genitalia/actions. I also say “pisser” “dick/cunt/pussy.” Problem?

That’s not the point.

The point is that this character and others like her infantilize grown women and box them into a teeny-tiny twee male fantasy that does not leave room for individual interiority or acting like a goddamn adult. This is one of many media-constructed ideals of femininity that revolves around the nonthreatening, as if this character using the words “dick/cunt/pussy” (nice use of slur there, by the by) would make her less attractive to men/break her out of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope and thereby her entire purpose would be lost. She is the male gaze personified; she has no purpose other than being adorable and nonthreatening to men.

And no, it’s not a problem to use diminutive language. It becomes a problem when diminutive language is used to signify an innocence that is supposed to be sexually appealing to men, as it does here.


Also, I would argue that using diminutive can actually be problematic. Not being able to comfortable communicate that some genitalia is a “penis” “vagina” or “vulva” — but rather only referring to them as things like “pee-pees” and “va-jay-jays” reflects a societal discomfort around the human body.

And if you can’t even say the names of the anatomical parts without flinching (or creating some kind of cutesy nickname) how would one effectively communicate their wants/needs/desires/boundaries when things actual get real in the bedroom?

Do guys really find this appealing?

The day here career is over cannot come fast enough.